Life is a gift

It is my belief that life is truly a gift and full of surprises. Every day that we are blessed to wake up for another one, we should cherish every moment of it.  Good or bad, we are here to enjoy it all. Many each day are not so lucky. As each day unfolds, we are given unseen paths to take. Each path taking us through certain situations and encounters designed to test us. How we choose to handle those tests, determine how long it will take us to get to the destination that we are meant to get to. I believe that we all have at least one destination that we are destined to reach. That could be a person or relationship, place, or thing that we are meant to do with our lives. It could quite possibly be a combination of those as well. After all, how many times have we encountered a situation that causes us to stop and think for a moment “If I hadn’t met so and so, or gone here or there…”, that we would have never been where we are now? I’m sure that has happened to us all. I know for a fact that it has happened to me more than once. Imagine life as a giant spider web. Our destination is the center. We can start at any place along the outside. How many twists and turns could it take us to get to where we are going?

My point is this. Life is a gift. We never know what is in store from one moment to the next. Life is also short and goes by quickly. Do what you need to do to enjoy your time here. Life is too short to spend extended amounts of time being unhappy or miserable. If you are unhappy or unsure of a career, job, relationship, or whatever, change it! Do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy and able to love life. We only get one! Spend as much of it as possible with people you love, doing things you love, and just being happy! Many of us are currently in situations in which we are unsure if we should stay at our current jobs, unsure about a relationship we may be in, or considering a geographical move. If you are having these thoughts, it is more than likely life trying to nudge you onto a different path to get you to where you need to be. Don’t let fear and what ifs keep you on the wrong path. Change can be hard, but is also necessary and part of life for us to continue to grow and become who we are meant to me when we reach our destination. Make that change! Take that scary 1st step that you may be being pushed to take by those thoughts that you are having in your heart. It will be worth it in the end.

I will close with this, followed by a poem that I wrote a few years back. Life is a gift that unwraps itself for us each day. Live it! Love it! Don’t waste it or the time you have! You never know how much time you have left. It could all be gone tomorrow. Spend it with people that make you happy, doing things you want to, and enjoying what it has to offer. Life is much too short to be unhappy or unsure of things.

-Courage to change (3/12/09)

We all have problems

We all have fears

Afraid to face them

To look in the mirror

You’re stuck in a rut

Nowhere to go

Knots in your gut

Going with the flow

Not really happy

Only content

Start feeling crappy

Just need to vent

Change is needed

Where to begin

Refuse to be defeated

Use the courage within

We all have it

It is not lost

The result is worth it

It’s worth all the cost


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