Storms and Lighthouses

Ironically, it is storming as I am sitting here writing this. I have been thinking a lot recently about storms and lighthouses. However, it is probably not what you might think.

I think that we can all agree that life gets really hard sometimes for all of us. Some of us have, or have had, a much rougher life than others. We all have had our share of ups and downs though. That much I am certain of. For many of us, just when we get things all sorted out and the sailing gets smooth, life has a way of tossing us storm, after storm, after storm for us to weather. Just as it is in nature. How many natural storms have each of us endured in our lifetime? I am definitely sure that it is more than just one and some of them were far more severe and destructive than others. So, the storms in our personal lives can come in a myriad of forms such as financial hardships, emergencies, relationship issues, or even personal issues within ourselves just to name a few. That list could be quite endless depending on the person and the situation(s). My point is this, no matter how life tries to throw you off axis and disrupt your direction, trying to stay the course can be quite difficult. Often times we may even feel like the storms just come one after another and seem endless and we feel lost and all alone at sea. That can make it hard to see that there is end in sight, even though we may not be able to see that far to the horizon at the time. We may also start to take on the weight of these storms. Thus, making us feel like we are drowning from all that we try to carry as we attempt to continue our journey through them. We carry the stresses of the entire ordeal, including things in the storms that we cannot control. We have to let go of those weights before it is too late and we go under. No matter what the storm is, most of it is more than likely out of our control. There are really only two things in this world that we can control, our words and our actions. All we can control is us. Everything else are just variables designed to promote a reaction from us. Don’t get me wrong, some of our storms are brought on by our own actions. We just have to learn from those choices we make and not plot that course again and circle back into that particular storm or storms. All of this brings me to my next piece of this, the lighthouses.

When we are in the midst of these storms and feel lost and alone, we all tend to look for that beacon, or sign, for a direction to go that will lead us out of the storm and into safe harbor. Those are our lighthouses. These lighthouses are not necessarily one single thing or person. Just like real lighthouses are built from many different materials(bricks, mortar, steel, wood, etc.), so are our own personal lighthouses. They often times can be a combination of family, friends, loved ones, God or other personal beliefs, and things. Some of our storms are much too fierce to try to weather alone. We have to look for those beacons to help get us through. Hopefully, we all have at least a few people close to us that offer help, support, and guidance to get us through. Let these people in! Let them help you by whatever means that they have to offer. Sometimes that is not the case sadly. There may not always be someone reaching out. That is when we must take charge as the captain of our lives and reach out for help. Call out as loudly as you can and I am certain that someone will hear you and shine their light to help guide you home. Reach out for those people or things. Whatever it takes to regain some sense of direction.

So, even though many times the seas of our lives may be rough, and the storms quite strong, just remember that there is smoother sailing ahead and that you are never alone. Storms don’t last forever, even though it may seem like it at times. Look for that beacon and I am positive that you will make it out. You may be a little battered and show the wear that the storms put on you, but you will be okay and can begin to make the necessary repairs before the next one comes your way.


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