Father’s Day

Well, it’s that time again. That one day of the year when we celebrate the great men, fathers, and dads in our lives, or that we may know, for all that they have done. It is usually a very happy and joyous day for many. However, for some, it can be a very difficult time of year as well. We need to remember that too.

First of all, let me start with the good stuff. Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, not all men are fathers and not all fathers are men. If you are reading this, you have, or had, a father in your life at some point. He may, or may not, be in the picture anymore for whatever reason, but you still had one. In many cases your father is present in your life somehow. Whether he is or isn’t, you need to at least thank him. You don’t have to personally know him to be able to do that. Just simply utter a “Thank you for giving me life” at some point in your day. After all, if it wasn’t for him, you would not be here. So whatever differences you may have had, try to table that for a few moments just to let him know that you appreciate the gift that is your life. On the flip side of that is the great dad. The loving, caring, wise, and supportive father. The one who was always there as much as he could be and helped shape you into who you are today one way or another. The one who still worries and thinks of you daily, even when you are grown. The one who has done and will always do anything he can for you and has sacrificed countless times so you could have the best life that he could give you. The one who has loved you unconditionally from day one. That also does not mean that he has to be your biological father. There are so many great men out there that have stepped up to the plate for children that weren’t their own and have loved and provided for them as if they were. In my book, those men deserve a HUGE shout out and praise!! They didn’t have to do any of it, but they chose to out of one thing….LOVE! So, if you are able, see, call, or even text your father and tell him you think of him and you love him.

Now, you also have the fathers that aren’t in the picture at all and refuse to pull their weight or have anything to do with the child that they helped create. I am not going to spend much on this topic because we all know it too well in today’s society. That saddens me. Just like mothers, there are many men out there in this giant world we live in that would want nothing more than to have a child of their own, but can’t for whatever reason. Yet there are fathers out there just basically throwing children to the side and not thinking twice about it or them. That is a total shame!

Then, we have the ones of us that have lost fathers and/or children which makes this day very hard at times. Especially the first few following such a loss. That one day when everything comes flooding back. The memories, emotions, and just sense of love that floods us around this time each year as we try not to drown under that very flood. Some of us handle it better than others, but everyone is different and handles things differently.

Finally, we have the fathers that want nothing more than to be a presence in their children’s lives but can’t for whatever reason. It may be a personal or geographical distance and logistics issue. It may be due to some sort of legal action(s). Things that are largely out of his control. Whatever the reason is, they want to be a part of their kids lives but can’t. It could be due to a personal issue with the mother to where she withholds the children or verbally trashes the father. Thus, damaging and putting a strain on those relationships to the point that the children could care less because that is all they have been taught. That is truly heartbreaking to me.

So, just keep this in mind as we all wish each other the traditional “Happy Father’s Day” wish. Although, for must of us, it will brighten our day and bring loads of joy and happiness, for some, it will not. It will bring on sadness and pain. If you see that happening, don’t be offended. Just be understanding.


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