Gump was right…

Forrest Gump was right. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get. Let me dive a little deeper into my point if you will.

Let’s look at a box of chocolates shall we. Inside there are many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They all look a little different on the surface. Some are solid and some are filled with various fillings. Some of them we find pleasant, some of them we don’t care for. Does that sound pretty accurate so far? Ok, good.

Here is how life is very much like this box of chocolates. These chocolates are like the moments in our life. Even though some may look very similar, each one is different and holds within it something that no other has. I think that we can all agree that life itself is one giant continuous journey(the box) that is filled with so many smaller moments(the chocolates). Although life itself is quite important, what really matters are all of these moments that it holds. These moments are each unique and special. Some may look and feel similar, but no two moments are exactly the same. Each one is special unto itself. Each one also being filled with different things. Some moments are filled with things that make us happy, excited, feel good, etc. These moments, like the good chocolates, we like and want more of. We want to fill ourselves and our lives with as many of these pleasant moments as possible. On the flip side however, there are moments filled with hardships, sadness, pain, loss, etc. With these moments, we want as few as possible. Just like the chocolates that we don’t care for. Some of our bad or tough moments that we encounter, we need to dig deep and fight through to the finish. They won’t last forever. Other moments, we may be able to stop and take a different direction before we see it through to the end.

So I think that life really is like that famous box of chocolates. One enormous container that is full of many, many little moments. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing in life. The little moments. Some sweet, some sour, but all unique and full of surprising things. So, savor and enjoy the good moments, and do your best to make it through the tough and not so sweet ones. Make the most you can from all of them. None of them will last forever and you never know how many more you are gonna get.


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