Don’t defeat yourself…

As humans, it is human nature to feel fear from time to time. That is perfectly ok. It is what you do when faced with that fear is what is important. If you are faced with an emergency such as an accident or fire, then yes, most definitely run if you are inclined to. I know that there are 2 types of people referred to in these types of instances….Run to and run from. I, myself, am a run to. If you are a run from, that is perfectly ok….Run.

However, that is not the type of fear I am talking about. I am talking about personal fear. That fear of the unknown as we are faced with daily decisions in some cases. Those decisions that lie at the edges of our comfort zones. The ones that keep us from changing or doing great things. That fear is a sign that there is change or progress near. That is nothing at all to be scared of! That fear is merely an obstacle that is put in place to try to keep you in your comfort zone. Comfort zones are good but we should never live there permanently. We should always seek to grow and be better than we currently are. Whether that be personally, financially, or whatever the case may be. It feels great to face that fear, kick it in the (insert body part here), and move on to bigger and better things. That is the only way we can grow and improve. News flash, that fear will ALWAYS be there. as you move from place to place and continue to grow, that fear will present itself over and over again to try to hold you back. Get used to it, but never back down from it. Don’t defeat yourself, or cheat yourself, from something great that lies just beyond that fear. Face that fear with confidence, stare it down, and walk right through. I believe in you! You can do it!! Never stop trying to improve yourself or your life. That complacency will kill your dreams, your desires, and eventually…you. Leaving you with nothing but regrets. You are better than that! I know you are. You do too. Go make your life great and be happy in knowing that you are looking ahead while enjoying the present. Just because you like the present, doesn’t mean that the future can’t be even better. Let’s go live life and make it great! Who’s with me? Let’s go! Time to roll out!



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