Cinco de Mayo

I hope everyone had a safe and good Cinco de Mayo if you did anything at all. I had dinner with a new and great friend at a nice Mexican restaurant I found. It was the 1st time in 43 years that I remember doing anything special for Cinco specifically at a Mexican place. It got me thinking really after I really saw how crazy it got at just this 1 place.

It is no secret that we, as Americans, love the Mexican culture and food even other than this one particular day of the year. I mean…really. We spend approximately $39 BILLION each year at Mexican restaurants and we travel to Mexico other than any other country. Yet, we treat the people so badly. Both with prejudice and income/wage wise. Why? I know that there is a huge issue with illegal immigration from there and that there are some bad people that come into our country from there as well. However, how can we cast stones and judge an ENTIRE ethnic group based on a fraction of the populous? That goes for all ethnic groups, I am using this one currently as an example. It has become part of our world today to look at people that are different than us differently sadly. After all, we are all the same on the inside…right? Our organs, blood, bones, structure, and biology are the same…right? Most of us, but not all, are derived from immigrants to this country at some point. Some of you are immigrants yourself. We must stop assuming that if someone is from another country, especially Mexico, that they are here illegally. I do agree that it should be done legally and that the illegal part needs to be addressed, but that is not my point right now. We need to do MUCH better at embracing their culture in my opinion. I feel that just by embracing the food and the travel aspects only to our gain but criticizing the rest is sort of taking advantage of them. Wouldn’t you agree? Think about it. If one of your friends or neighbors, just came over to enjoy your food and use your pool(for example) but disliked you and bashed you the rest of the time, wouldn’t you feel taken advantage of? Of course you would!! How is what we do any different really? Truth is…it’s not! Do we treat many of the European or Asian visitors or immigrants in such a way? Nope…usually not. By far, the bulk of our ethnic prejudges fall on 3 groups in my opinion. Hispanics(Mexican or not), Middle Eastern, and African American. In the last case, it is more racial than immigration related but still pretty much uncalled for in large part. In most cases, as stated above, the majority of those populous have done nothing wrong to warrant such acts of hostility and prejudice.  Anyway, back to my main point. As Americans, more so as humans, it is high time that we embrace the Mexican culture and it’s people much better. Learn more about it and them as a whole. Embrace them. Next to Mexico itself, we have the largest Mexican community in the world(most are legal) so why should we not? Or should we just continue to take advantage of them for their food and travel spots? It only makes sense right? I think so. Also, I know that there are more Latin-American people from other countries than just Mexico and they are not all the same. Like stated before, I am just using the Mexican people and culture as a primary example.


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